Canadian Twitch Streamers are Making an Insane Living! There is no money like ad money

 There is no money like ad money

Twitch is changing the face of income generation with its promise of live streaming revenues. Now you can earn thousands of dollars on a regular basis if you become a part of the popular streaming website. Internet stardom is just one side of the coin when you are seriously into Twitch streaming today.

Top Twitch personalities confirm their insane monthly income comes through watching online video games, gaining subscriptions, and advertisements. A popular Twitch streamer by the name of “Ninja” even confirmed that he reached a total of roughly $500(k) for his monthly revenue through ads.

Another Twitch streamer by the name Probly_over_9000 also starts his live streaming website where he goes live for his daily stream. He only needs his Playstation4 console, camera, and microphone to work. He welcomes more than 100 people watching his stream called “Destiny”, a first-person shooter game. His huge online following lets him earn subscribers and donations that could amount to hundreds if not thousands of daily income.

There are more than 100 million Twitch subscribers and over two million active streamers daily. Elite gamers play different kinds of games through the Twitch platform such as Madden, FIFA, Social Casino, and Fornite.

Joining the Twitch platform is easy, safe, and hassle-free. You could get a premium account for as cheap as $10 monthly. Advertising partnership is one way of ensuring a huge amount of money through the Twitch platform for live streaming. You can check out other important details when you visit the publisher website today!

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