Today in “Don’t Even Joke About That”: Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

Mark Sparrow trolled the internet with an ingeniously evil joke about handing out chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts as Halloween candy.

I’m not going to tell you not to eat your vegetables. Just from a business perspective, if you eat more vegetables, you’ll likely live longer and continue reading What’s Trending articles. But what’s with this trend of hiding vegetables in delicious treats? First there were the Japanese cakes made of salad, and now there’s this.

British journalist, photographer, and Twitterer Mark Sparrow posted this shot of chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts to his Twitter earlier this week, and people are freaking out.

Thankfully for everyone’s health, safety, and happiness, the tweet was just a joke. But the thought of combining sweet, delicious chocolate with a member of the cabbage family? Don’t even go there. I’m already grossed out enough when I bite into what Jim Gaffigan called “gamble chocolate” and get that chemical-tasting fake raspberry stuff. Now you’re telling me I have to deal with the possibility of chocolate-covered brassicas? Get out!

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