This Woman’s Reaction When She Recognizes The Cop That Pulled Her Over Will Make Your Day

The internet is awash with ‘bad cops’ these days, abusing their power by pulling people over for the slightest misdemeanors and getting overly physical with arrests. These viral videos lead to horribly skewed perceptions however, as the cops involved are only a tiny minority among the vast majority of honorable and dedicated police officers.

Because unfortunately videos of good-natured, friendly cops doing a stand-up job just aren’t as interesting apparently. So here we are to address the balance in a small way!

Florida resident Angelica Smith was driving along when she was randomly pulled over. What for this time? And it’s the same darn cop, over and over again? What did I do this time? “License, insurance, and registration, please.” Jeez!

Scroll down below to see how the story unfolds, the video at the end is just hilarious. Also, please feel free to share your own ‘good cop’ stories in the comments!

More info: Website

Watch the full video below:

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