Raccoon Steals Dude’s Phone and Records Itself

This raccoon named Stanley is entertaining the whole world with a video he shot himself! Good trash panda!

Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

That’s right, a little rascal raccoon friend made his big Twitter debut last night when he stole an iPhone from none other than Bellarmine University student Guy Williams. You know Guy from, well, nothing, he’s just a Guy.

Stanley (the raccoon’s given name) is almost, and I do say almost, as cute as Warren the Rhino. Remember this lil nugget? Williams was trying to take an oh-so-sneaky video of Mr. Stanley the raccoon, but the little guy clearly had other plans. He picked the iPhone up with his teeth, and took off running. Luckily they caught it all on video.

Here’s the Twitter video that hit the big time for Stanley.

What. A. Champion! I don’t think anyone could make me pick up an iPhone with my teeth, that just doesn’t sound pleasant. Sure didn’t stop our little hero Stanley though. I sure hope he graces the Internet with his presence again soon.

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