Paralympian Pushes Past Limitations, Is the Best at Halloween

Josh Sundquist continues to kill it with his Halloween Costumes.

Josh Sundquist lost his leg in a battle with childhood cancer. Now, he’s become an inspiration with his Halloween costumes. Despite his limitations, he’s clearly far more creative than anybody else. He reminds us of the real-life merman Blix and awesome makeup artist Richard Schaeffer — he won’t let anyone tell him his dreams can’t be real.

According to Mashable, Sundquist is now a Paralympian and motivational speaker. He’s been putting together highly creative costumes since 2010. It does inspire a lot of hope.

His costumes have included: a gingerbread man, the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, a flamingo, a foosball player, an iHop sign, and, for 2016, he’s Lumiere of Beauty and the Beast fame. I don’t think I’ve come remotely close in terms of creativity.

Sundquist included the following video to explain his costume:

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 Sundquist breaks down how he and his talented assistant DIY-ed the costume. It takes a lot of newspaper, modeling clay, and metallic fabric. It probably also takes some patience and additional resources.
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